Sunday 21, September 2014
Clawshun Industries believes the recent Daily Planet article in their Special Edition entitled "Lex Luthor Takes Six Flags For A Ride" is deeply irresponsible and biased. Not a single Clawshun representative was contacted for the article, which mostly consisted of wildly speculative attacks on Clawshun and a fantastical notion that Lex Luthor is directing our company. While it's true that LexCorp owns Clawshun, we are an independent and autonomous entity that only is interested in serving the public and our shareholders. Any suggestion otherwise is simply wrong, and a disservice to the great people at Clawshun working hard to deliver the best roller coasters yet. Clawshun is devoted to creating the best experience possible for coaster fans.

Clawshun Stock Price Hits All Time High!
Our corporate office is already abuzz over the proposal to overhaul the Superman: Ride of Steel in Six Flags New England. Although we have fielded thousands of e-mails inquiring as to the specifics of our plans, the truth of the matter is that the details are predominantly locked inside the head of our brilliant CEO - and there's no cracking that chestnut!


While the majority of Metropolis Stock Exchange commodities continued to flounder yesterday, Clawshun Industries earned a sudden influx of new investors, driving its price above $1,000.00 for the first time ever… and their CEO, for one, could not be happier. "It just goes to show you," commented Alexander Joseph, "capitalism is alive and well."

Joseph is owner of LexCorps, the parent company of Clawshun Industries. On the topic of his recent good fortune in the market, the upbeat billionaire explained, "More revenue means more freedom - freedom to create, to rebuild, and to change the world. Our new shareholders may not have known who was behind Clawshun until now, but that doesn't mean they won't share in my latest vision. I have plans to overhaul the Ride of Steel in Six Flags over Springfield, Massachusetts. But, eradicating this shrine to Superman won't be cheap - it'll take all the money I just made on the Clawshun stock inflation deal. And I made a killing!"